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February 10, 2003

Hi my name is Dave and I'm married with 2 boys. You probably can relate when I say I have been working my ass off with nothing to show it and staying just a few steps ahead of the TAX MAN and the GRIM REAPER! So I decided to try an experiment. I was thinking there are over 5 billion people in the world and it would only take 1 million people to donate $1.00 to me to make me JOE MILLIONAIRE!

This is not a scam or chain letter or even a promise for you to recieve goodluck. Just an experiment to see if I can find 1 million people at the cost of a cup of coffee to make me JOE MILLIONAIRE!
The goal is to be JOE MILLIONAIRE by December 31, 2003, can I do it, I think so with your help. Every time you donate a buck (or 2,3,...) you will get on the "A" List which will entitle you to: your first name, location, amount and what ever comment you want to leave (good or bad). So forget the schmuck on tv and make me JOE MILLIONAIRE!
So don't delay now send in that buck! But wait there is more... Donate $20 and get a cool T-Shirt, that will sure to be a cult classic!!
(link above to view what it will look like)
Thanks Dave

Send your donation to:
Box 12
612 Monroe St.
LaPorte, IN 46350

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